DiscoverBeginner's Mind#70: Bruno Montanari - How Venture Capital Supports Science And Innovation
#70: Bruno Montanari - How Venture Capital Supports Science And Innovation

#70: Bruno Montanari - How Venture Capital Supports Science And Innovation

Update: 2022-03-13


Big corporations strive to bring new solutions to their customers to help them solve their most pressing problems.

To do so the corporation needs to be innovative. That's why companies like Apple, Google, Pfizer, and similar players want to cooperate with start-ups and scale-ups globally.

Such cooperations strive to collaborate with top startups, invest in them, and sometimes acquire them to have access to novel ideas. By innovating the big players stay competitive, secure growth, and also help keep their employees motivated and curious.

One of the best ways to foster innovation is creating Venture Capital funds. Venture funds collect capital to invest in high-risk early-stage innovative startups to help them grow.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Why is Venture Capital important for Innovation in Life Science?
  • What is the Secret Sauce of Venture Capital?
  • Venture Capital Success Stories
  • What is the Current Situation of Venture Capital in Europe?
  • And much more

Who is the expert in the show?

Bruno Montanari is a Partner at Seroba. He has a background in venture capital and in investment banking, with a focus on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

Bruno sits on the boards of STORM Therapeutics and Coave Therapeutics.


00:00 ) Introduction
(03:30 ) Start of the Conversation “How Venture Capital Supports Science & Innovation”
(03:45 ) What is Venture Capital?
(07:30 ) Why is Venture Capital Necessary?
(08:35 ) How Capital Intensive is Drug Development in Life Science?
(11:55 ) Why Do Research Organisation and Big Pharma Need Companies in Between the Value Chain?
(17:15 ) How Much Capital is Needed to Bring a New Therapy to the Market?
(19:10 ) Why do some Life Science Start-Ups Fail?
(24:30 ) How Can Venture Capital Help to Build Europe Into a Startup Continent?
(31:53 ) How Innovation Changes the World
(32:40 ) The Entrepreneurship Mindset between Academia and Industry
(36:45 ) The State of Venture Capital in Europe
(39:00 ) Elements Needed to Develop the Life Science Industry in Europe
(42:35 ) Why Do Life Science Companies in Europe get Listed on the NASDAQ?
(49:00 ) The Advantages of Specialized Investors
(50:50 ) Benefits for Family Offices and High Networth Individuals to Invest in a Venture Fund Rather than directly into early-stage startup companies
(59:00 ) Seroba Life Sciences
(01:00:40 ) Success Stories from the Venture Capital Life
(01:06:15 ) What kind of Deals are VCs looking for?
(01:09:15 ) The Importance of Gathering Information before Closing a Deal – on both sides of the negotiation table
(01:14:10 ) How to Balance Pitching and Relationship Building
(01:19:30 ) 2x/10x/100X – Why are these metrics important to VCs
(01:23:30 ) Deal Closed and they lived happily ever after – How does life look like post-investment?
(01:27:00 ) How VCs Support Their Portfolio Companies
(01:31:35 ) Warren Buffett vs. Venture Capital – Why is an Exit Important to VCs?
(01:39:00 ) How to Reach Out to Bruno Montanari and Seroba Life Science

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#70: Bruno Montanari - How Venture Capital Supports Science And Innovation

#70: Bruno Montanari - How Venture Capital Supports Science And Innovation

Christian Soschner