DiscoverFilmspotting#708: Roma / The Favourite
#708: Roma / The Favourite

#708: Roma / The Favourite

Update: 2018-12-071


Seeing the Fellini in Cuarón and the Kubrick in Lanthimos.

Adam and Josh break out the high praise for their reviews of Alfonso Cuarón's ROMA and Yorgos Lanthimos's THE FAVOURITE – both films in the conversation for the best of 2018, and both departures of sorts for the directors. For "Roma," Cuarón returns to his native Mexico for the first time since 2001's "Y Tu Mama Tambien," while taking on writing, directing, shooting and co-editing jobs to tell the personal story of his middle class upbringing in early '70s Mexico City. Lanthimos, who has spent his career so far making chilly and darkly funny contemporary fables, time travels to early 18th century England and the reign of Queen Anne for his latest, a costume drama that proves to be a perfect playground for the director's bleak wit and gimlet-eyed view of humanity. Those reviews, plus Josh on Golden Brick contender HALE COUNTY THIS MORNING, THIS EVENING and the Best of 2018 listener poll.

0:00-1:10 - Billboard
1:10-20:14 - Review: "The Favourite"
Nino Rota, "Roma" (Theme)
20:53-21:37 - Donations
21:37-24:26 - Next Week / Notes
24:26-35:26 - Golden Brickspotting: "Hale County This Morning..."
35:26-39:47 - Polls [Best of 2018, Cuaron's Best]
39:47-1:00:40 - Review: "Roma"
1:00:40-1:03:43 - Close

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#682: Solo: A Star Wars Story / Paul Schrader / Deadpool 2
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#681: Lord of the Rings 15th Anniversary / Top 5 LOTR Scenes
Released in consecutive Decembers beginning in 2001, Peter Jackson’s colossal adaptation of Tolkien’s LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy reached its conclusion in 2003 with "The Return of the King" which went on to win 11 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director. Despite enjoying the first installment just fine, Adam never made time for "Two Towers" or "Return," which didn't stop him from spending much of the last fifteen years taking digs at the films and the people who loved them (people like Josh). But with 2019's Filmspotting Madness (Best of the 2000s) on the horizon - just past the Misty Mountains, in fact - Adam agreed to knock out his Hobbity blindspots with an epic (re)consideration of the trilogy in which he and Josh discuss the horror elements in the trilogy, the care with which Jackson depicts the cost of war and the greatness of Ian McKellen (and the rest of the brilliantly cast ensemble). Plus a Top 5 Scenes from the trilogy that illustrates how Jackson, in bringing the trilogy to life, was just as attentive to the subtle, quiet moments as he was the epic battle scenes. 0:00-2:32 - Intro3:08-41:51 - "The Lord of the Rings"Howard Shore, "The End of All Things"44:07-51:32 - Next Week / Notes51:32-59:43 - Polls (Best of  Brolin / Taking Over an Iconic Role)Howard Shore, "The Prophecy"1:01:54-1:42:39 - Top 5: "Lord of the Rings" Scenes1:42:39-1:46:55 - Close / Outtake        Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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UK writer-director Andrew Haigh has spent the first part of his career quietly defying expectations. With his feature breakout "Weekend," he crafted an intimate tale about two young gay men spending a weekend getting to know each other. For his 2015 follow-up, "45 Years," Haigh turned his focus to an aging husband and wife haunted by the past. (Charlotte Rampling was nominated for an Oscar for her performance.) And now Haigh's latest takes another surprising turn, with his adaptation of the Willy Vlautin novel LEAN ON PETE, which chronicles the relationship between a displaced teen and a past-his-prime race horse. But true to Haigh's work to date, PETE is a clear-eyed, unsentimental piece of work that - like his other films - is still capable of delivering a punch to the gut. On this week's show, Adam and Josh have a review of LEAN ON PETE and, in the tradition of inspired Top 5 topics like Bicycle Scenes and Movie Redheads, they share their Top 5 Horse Scenes (horses on stage! horses in the jungle! ship-wrecked horses!). Plus Chicago critic Steve Prokopy drops by to share some details about the upcoming Chicago Critics Film Festival (May 4th-10th).0:00-2:05 - Intro2:43-34:21 - Review: "Lean On Pete"Hurray for the Riff Raff, "Hungry Ghost"38:13-49:28 - Milos Forman / Notes49:28-59:20 - Filmspotting Madness Recap59:20-1:15:24 - Preview: Chicago Critics Film FestivalThe Osmonds, "Crazy Horses"1:17:54-1:51:53 - Top 5: Horse Scenes1:51:53-1:55:29 - Close / Josh Recommends: Pizza Ranch    Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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#708: Roma / The Favourite

#708: Roma / The Favourite