DiscoverROCKLAZ Radio with Tanmay Shah#71 Alec Oxenford: OLX founder, Serial Entrepreneur & Art collector | Argentina
#71 Alec Oxenford: OLX founder, Serial Entrepreneur & Art collector | Argentina

#71 Alec Oxenford: OLX founder, Serial Entrepreneur & Art collector | Argentina

Update: 2023-07-11


Join us as we delve into the fascinating journey of Alec Oxenford, a renowned serial tech entrepreneur and art collector. Alec shares his biggest accomplishments, offers advice to young entrepreneurs, and discusses the Cool Sh*t strategy of Myelin VC. Discover the story behind OLX's popularity in India and the vision Alec had when starting the platform. Gain insights into his process of collecting art and supporting living artists. Explore Alec's favorite artwork and artists. Hear interesting Facts and Conspiracy theories, about Argentina. Don't miss out on this inspiring & thought-provoking conversation! See the Chapters below for timestamps

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00:00:00 - Start
00:01:31 - Biggest Accomplishment
00:04:46 - What is your impression of India?
00:10:23 - Argentina on the Map, Hi5 to Antarctica
00:12:01 - Most Challenging part of your life?
00:14:41 - Advice to Young Entrepreneurs.
00:20:29 - Myelin investing in Startups doing Cool Sh**
00:26:19 - Shark Tank
00:34:24 - OLX! Popularity in India & Story of Amarjit Batra
00:38:31 - Vision when Starting OLX? What Problem to solve?
00:41:57 - Markets: Similarities and Differences between Countries
00:46:33 - How to form a Marketing strategy with entering new global Markets?
00:49:58 - What is your process of Collecting Art? Supporting Living Artists?
00:56:11 - How do you Discover the Artist?
01:00:12 - Favourite Artist?
01:03:00 - Favourite Artwork?
01:06:02 - Live as Artist is Tough, What is your best advice to the Artists?
01:11:01 - Argentina! What do you love the most about it?
01:12:44 - Problems in Argentina?
01:16:19 - Nazi and Argentina Contraversary.
01:18:46 - Favourite Festival?
01:20:25 - Wedding in Argentina?
01:22:43 - Best Argentine food
01:23:56 - Fun Activities to do in Argentina?
01:27:19 - Describe your best memory in your own language
01:29:43 - Fun Facts about Argentina!
01:31:57 - Signature Round: 3 people living or dead? 1 Q?
01:33:59 - If Today Was Your Last Day..
01:34:32 - What do you want to be remembered for?
01:35:50 - Marker 34
01:36:24 - What value does Art add to the world/Society?
01:37:07 - How to make money?
01:38:21 - How to create wealth?
01:39:13 - What is the most priceless gift you have ever received?
01:40:01 - What's on your Bucket list next?
01:40:53 - What gets you excited about the future?
01:41:31 - What are you views on Metaverse?
01:42:23 - What do you like to do for fun?
01:43:10 - Favorite book?
01:46:10 - Time Travel
01:47:11 - Favorite food?
01:49:16 - NFTs! How many? Why?
01:50:44 - VR Headset
01:52:16 - **Artist and Engineers in one Room!**
01:58:37 - Advice to your younger self?
01:59:53 - Parting words for the Audience?
02:01:40 - Feedback for Tanmay? :(

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#71 Alec Oxenford: OLX founder, Serial Entrepreneur & Art collector | Argentina

#71 Alec Oxenford: OLX founder, Serial Entrepreneur & Art collector | Argentina

Tanmay Shah