DiscoverBeing Motherhustler72: BJ Stromme - Be In The River of Life
72: BJ Stromme - Be In The River of Life

72: BJ Stromme - Be In The River of Life

Update: 2019-09-01


BJ Stromme is a Northwest Native with a deep love of the woods and water, so any chance she gets, you will find her hiking or kayaking!

She has been an independent entrepreneur for over 38 years, so she knows the bumps and hurdles you need to get over to be successful.  She has started and run two businesses successfully, earning her top company recognition for years!  In her business POP Mindset (Power of Personal Mindset), she coaches Entrepreneurs how to read and communicate with prospects and co-workers better that will then result to networking effectively to maximize their efforts, therefore, increasing confidence in business, life and beyond.

BJ loves personal coaching, creating amazing retreats in beautiful places like Costa Rica and Cabo San Lucas.  She helps teams big or small create new ideas, provide them with tools and techniques so they can communicate better internally.  Some of these techniques will cut months - even YEARS off their learning curve!!

She created the personality profiling system called Are You My Flock.  It’s a very Fun and Effective Personality Profiling System that builds Success for entrepreneurs, mothers, and parents or any leaders and sales professionals.

Are You My Flock has brought many benefits to me personally and professionally and I know it’s brought so much value to some of the professionals I network.  And my all-time favorite become a better mother.

Learn more about BJ Stromme and POP Mindset on her Facebook @POPMindset where you may find more information about her work!

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72: BJ Stromme - Be In The River of Life

72: BJ Stromme - Be In The River of Life

Kareen Mills