DiscoverYour Lifestyle Business#72 - 6 Steps to Building a High Converting Email Funnel
#72 - 6 Steps to Building a High Converting Email Funnel

#72 - 6 Steps to Building a High Converting Email Funnel

Update: 2020-10-12


You may wonder in the instant messaging, social media world we live in now, whether building an email list is still worth it.

The resounding answer is YES!

As fabulous as social media is, building an email list means building a database of very targeted subscribers.

Anyone who’s willing to trade an email address for your information is someone who’s very interested in what you have to offer. It doesn’t get much more targeted than that.

In todays podcast I’m walking you through the 6 Steps to Build an Email List of Subscribers who Love to Hear From You!

In fact this is Part 1 of what will ultimately be a 3 part podcast series.

In todays episode I walk you through the 6 steps to getting your email funnel setup;

  1. How to create an attractive lead generation offer including all the different types of lead magnet you could offer and how to start building your list without a lead magnet.

  2. Which email provider should you sign up for? I’ve been through quite a few and recently did a quite intensive costing exercise for my own business. Here’s my conclusion.

  3. The 5 golden rules of creating a high converting landing page and the tools to help you do that, (plus a throwback to the days of building landing pages on Kompozer).

  4. Why your thank you page is the second most important page in your lead generating funnel and what should be on it.

  5. Your first follow up email. What it should achieve and some do’s and don’ts.

  6. Nurturing your audience. The most important thing to always remember when creating all content including follow up emails.

In Parts 2 & 3, we’ll look at how to create a lead magnet and how to nurture your audience and keep them engaged in your content.

So without further ado, let’s make it happen!

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#72 - 6 Steps to Building a High Converting Email Funnel

#72 - 6 Steps to Building a High Converting Email Funnel

Jo Barnes