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MISSING: Rachel Cooke

MISSING: Rachel Cooke

Update: 2019-04-0176


17 years ago, college student Rachel Cooke was visiting her family home in Texas for her winter break. She went out for an early morning run on her regular route but never return. No sign of Rachel has been found in all these years but there was a break in 2017 that could hold all the clues to what happened to her.

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Comments (4)

Nicole Rodriguez

I just drove past one of her billboards! I googled it to see who she was because no name is listed on the billboard. I read just a snippet and knew it sounded familiar. Sure enough, I had already listed to this podcast.

Jun 8th

David McDonald

Nicole Rodriguez that gave my full boner chills. I mean body.... full body chills.

Aug 10th

Rachel Aldrich

I was looking through podcasts and found yalls, of course the first case I see is Rachel Cooke. I had to listen because I am from Georgetown and remember when she dissapeared and being there during the search parties. The one thing I remember from back then that yall had missed was that one of the neighbors saw Rachel get into the car but didnt think anything of it because it looked like she got in willingly. This case rocked our town back then and even being a child at the time, I still think about it.

Apr 3rd

Dea Applegate

I really appreciate the shortness of your podcasts, as well as staying on track. so many podcasts are just too lengthy and go off on tangents and I end up asking myself "what was this one about again?" thank you for your format!!

Apr 1st








MISSING: Rachel Cooke

MISSING: Rachel Cooke

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