DiscoverThe Art of Charm751: Less Stress, More Happiness with David Henzel | Q&A
751: Less Stress, More Happiness with David Henzel | Q&A

751: Less Stress, More Happiness with David Henzel | Q&A

Update: 2019-03-2514


Your habits and systems determine how successful you can become, but what habits and systems can you implement in your professional life and personal life to reduce unnecessary stress and frustration while creating more space in your calendar and your mind to focus on the important things?

What to Listen For

  • What role do habits and systems play in determining your potential for success?
  • How do you balance life and work as an entrepreneur?
  • What is David Henzel’s definition of happiness and how can you use his approach to happiness to help strengthen your own?
  • What can you start doing today to take the pressure off of you in situations ranging from one-on-one settings all the way to a public speaking event?
  • How do you build trust with someone you care about when he or she starts pulling away?
  • If you recognize toxic behavior in yourself, what can you do to deal with it so you stop causing damage to the relationships in your life?
  • How do you set boundaries without coming across as harsh or rude?
  • What can you do to start making friends after school or outside of work and church?
  • How can you use Facebook Ads to network, make friends, and even find a date?
  • What red flags should you look for when making friends or looking for dates in order to save yourself time and heartache?
  • How do you allow someone back into your life who used to be toxic and is clearly making an effort to improve?

Balance can be a difficult goal to hit because of how often things in our lives change. Friends and relationships come and go. Work will always have highs and lows and many of us jump from job to job every few years. Money comes and goes. Our hobbies and interests evolve over time. Our bodies age and demand different levels of care from us. 

Throughout all of this, it’s important for our mental, emotional, and physical well being that we maintain some semblance of balance. 

Socializing is important, meaningful work is important, relaxing is important, working out is important, exposing yourself to new people and new ideas is important, but spending all of your time on any one of those things can lead to feeling burnt out, eventual boredom, loneliness, and any number of dire physical ailments stemming from not having a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

Follow your passion and do what you love, but don’t let the rest of your life fall by the wayside.

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751: Less Stress, More Happiness with David Henzel | Q&A

751: Less Stress, More Happiness with David Henzel | Q&A