DiscoverThe Art of Charm765: Parents, Part 2: Warren Farrell on The Boy Crisis and Dad Deprivation
765: Parents, Part 2: Warren Farrell on The Boy Crisis and Dad Deprivation

765: Parents, Part 2: Warren Farrell on The Boy Crisis and Dad Deprivation

Update: 2019-06-205


The role of the father in raising children is often downplayed in society, but what do fathers bring to the table that mothers do not, why does the absence of a father have such long-lasting effects, and what steps can we take today to be there for our children?

What to Listen For

  • What is dad deprivation and what role does it play as a child is growing up?
  • What is the purpose void and why is it more important now that more children are growing up without a father?
  • What are the two primary purposes in a man’s life and how has the development of society made it more difficult for men to feel fulfilled in either one?
  • How does porn become addictive to young men and how does it shift the way men view women, sex, and relationships?
  • What are the primary differences between mom-style parenting and dad-style parenting?
  • What is the single biggest predictor of success and how do you teach it to children?
  • How do you teach postponement of gratification to children and why is it so important to building the life you want?
  • What is the difference between being aggressive and being assertive?
  • What can you do to reverse ADHD?
  • What role do family dinner nights have in a child’s development and what 5 things can you do to make those family dinners constructive rather than destructive?
  • What steps can we take today to improve as parents?

The father in many shows and movies seems to be there just for comic relief by being a hardass or totally incompetent while the mother is portrayed as “the real parent.”

But the father’s role in raising kids is significantly more important than we tend to give it credit for.

As Warren Farrell stated, “Children who have father involvement are far less likely to be obese, far less likely to have ADHD, far less likely to do worse in every single academic area, and far less likely to be depressed or commit suicide.”

And those are just a few of the effects that a good father has on his kids.

It’s crucial there be a balance of masculine and feminine influence in a child’s life in order for that child to grow into a well-rounded human being able to handle the ups and downs and twists and turns of life. It is the tension created by the difference between the parents that allows their children to find a happy medium that works for who they are.

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765: Parents, Part 2: Warren Farrell on The Boy Crisis and Dad Deprivation

765: Parents, Part 2: Warren Farrell on The Boy Crisis and Dad Deprivation