DiscoverCrime Junkie77: MISSING: Timmothy Pitzen
77: MISSING: Timmothy Pitzen

77: MISSING: Timmothy Pitzen

Update: 2019-04-1518


MISSING: Timmothy PitzenOn April 3, 2019 someone claiming Timmothy Pitzen approached a stranger in KY and told them he had escaped abductors. The news went wild with this information as the public waited for DNA results to come in. We learned that the man was not Timmothy but it reignited one of the most mysterious disappearance cases in IL history. On this episode of Crime Junkie we will tell you about the day Timmothy left school with his mom in 2011 and the strange circumstances surrounding their whereabouts after. 

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Comments (9)

Genna Willey

Have the authorities checked around with the Amish community(s) near by, if that's one of their conspiracies?

Jul 11th

Lilly Goncalves

Does anyone know what she bought at the grocery store? I'm kinda hung up here. I know what I buy for myself is different from what I would buy if one of my kids were with me.

May 24th

Tristan Scott

I am extrapolating and guestimating that she may of had cyclothiamic disorder A.K.A "borderline personality disorder" (Emphasis on my extrapolation. I'm a cognitive neuroscience major with a minor in psychology. I'm not a medical practitioner and am unfit to make diagnosis, but I'm going to lay out my thinking below anyways) 1. Intense, unstable relationship categorized by cycles of idealization and devaluation of the partner. (not necessary for a diagnosis, but often observed) 2. Chronic feeling of emptiness, lack of belonging, externalized to partner and child in her case. 3. a history of suicidality. (again not needed for a diagnosis, but often observed sometimes with self harm) I have heard of cyclothiamic disorder as described as "bipolar type 3" with mood swings happening on a day to day basis rather than happening on a semi monthly basis. thus it goes severely underdiagnosed or mistaken as unipolar depression.

May 22nd

Cindy Jensen

wow that is really messed up.

May 21st

Jennifer Lynn McRoberts

There was a thread on Twitter from someone claiming to be related to the mother. They claimed the father was very abusive! I hope she had a distant friend or relative who saved that boy.

Apr 20th

Kathy Marie

Jennifer Lynn McRoberts That’s literally never come up and legitimate investigations. The opposite in fact. So maybe don’t believe random strangers on Twitter?

May 7th

Erica Hough

I think she killed him and when she say he is with someone who will love him and take care of him I think she means God

Apr 17th

Stacie Hankins

Erica Hough I agree. also, If that kid was alive, maybe he would have told someonewho he is by now? Imo

Apr 30th

A Dramatic Pirate

My thought is that she killed him. 'he is somewhere safe with people who love him' (To past relatives? maybe a mom or grandmother?) 'never found' (body is hidden or spirit is gone with her)

Apr 16th








77: MISSING: Timmothy Pitzen

77: MISSING: Timmothy Pitzen

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