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777 - Magical Mallwalking Tours

777 - Magical Mallwalking Tours

Update: 2019-06-0222


Come with me and you’ll see a place of pure commercialization, where you will freely walk off to dreamland.

(You can find all of our sponsors or become a patron on our new website story starts at about 20:00 )

Commission a song from the Mystery Bard over at

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Tonight’s show is sponsored by Quip! The sensitive sonic toothbrush I have been using for over two years (not over and over! Changing out the brush heads every three months!) Quip starts at just $25 and if you go to, you get your first refill pack for FREE with a quip electric toothbrush.

Welcome our newest sponsor -Away- First class luggage at a coach price. For $20 off an Away suitcase use “sleep” at checkout! I have been using an Away carry-on for over two years, and I just got a new one in blush pink! Make sure to share your pics with your Away suitcase!

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Stephanie Lozano

So sorry. Don't get it.

Aug 5th
Reply (1)

I Hope Someone Relates

Stutter on this particular episode makes this one a skip for me. I love Scoots and I listen a lot. Suffer from anxiety and this has changed my life. Thank you.

Jul 24th
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Maggie Baker

why isn't Laura a Noderator anymore?

Jun 3rd








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777 - Magical Mallwalking Tours

777 - Magical Mallwalking Tours