DiscoverHealing for Healers8 - Check in - Halloween (Samhain) in Lockdown
8 - Check in - Halloween (Samhain) in Lockdown

8 - Check in - Halloween (Samhain) in Lockdown

Update: 2020-10-22


We have the news, we have weather forecasts, but we don’t have energetic news, or energetic forecasts! Well, now we do! Our new ‘Check in’ episodes will be recorded and uploaded quickly when we feel that something needs to be said, celebrated, acknowledged or have our awareness brought to it. We check in with each other, but we are also checking in with you. We check in with the current energies to bring you information that will help you navigate your way, and make the most of the opportunities to go deeper, or remind you to look after yourself at a higher level.

In this, our first check-in; Regina explores the Celtic festival of Samhain. We talk about its origins, about the meaning behind it, why it’s important, and how it affects us energetically. We also bring in the practical by discussing ways you can mark the date for yourself wherever you are in the world, with whatever level of pandemic restrictions. The energies of Samhain peak on the 4th/5th of November 2020.

We hope you enjoy this episode, and even if you’re listening to it when it’s a different time of year, we know that there is still something here for you.

You can find Regina @reginaoftheland and Abby @abbynrghealing on Instagram. If you love the show, pop over and say hello to us! And we'd also really love a review on Apple Podcasts, if you've been listening to us there! Spread the love! Until next time.









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8 - Check in - Halloween (Samhain) in Lockdown

8 - Check in - Halloween (Samhain) in Lockdown

Abby Wynne and Regina of the Land