DiscoverTrue Crime DEADLINE8 - MURDER: Jeanette Corpuz
8 - MURDER: Jeanette Corpuz

8 - MURDER: Jeanette Corpuz

Update: 2019-07-15


Jeanette Maria Corpuz was 28 when she went missing from Reno Nevada in the winter of 2003.
After large amounts of blood and evidence was recovered at her home, police called her disappearance a homicide.

Jeanette Corpuz is described as 5'6", 160 pounds, Hispanic/White with Brown hair and Blue eyes.
She was a newlywed with three children from a previous marriage. She was living with her new husband Lyle Montgomery and her 3-year-old son Jacob Corpuz when she disappeared.

The couple met while working at a Super Kmart store where he was the pharmacy  manager and she was a check-out clerk.

In October of 2002 Jeanette reported her then boyfriend, was abusive and threatened to kill her in the couples shared apartment.

Her son would later tell police his stepfather (Lyle) pointed a gun at his mother and fired the weapon into the master-bedroom nightstand.

In December 2002, Jeanette and Lyle married at a Reno Chapel despite their problems and 14 year age difference.

On January 13, 2003, Jeanette met with a realtor at her home and told her she and her son, was moving to Redding California and she was getting a divorce.

Later that week she called her ex-husband (who had custody of their two other children). But he was not alarmed by anything she said.

She was last seen by someone at a neighborhood grocery store and never seen again.

On January 25th, Jeanette's son Jacob is found abandoned in the toy department of a Shopko store in the Salt Lake City area, about 520 miles away.

A man was spotted on security camera walking in with the boy and leaving without him.

Lyle Montgomery would later be identified and charged for child abuse.

When police went to question Lyle they discovered he had overdosed on sleeping pills and alcohol. He was taken to a hospital. At that time police found several guns and ammunition near Lyle on the floor.

Police obtained a search warrant for the home and discovered blood throughout the home. In the master bedroom blood had pooled and soaked through the carpet and padding through to the wooden flooring beneath. The bed, dresser and other items of furniture were missing.

Police searched Lyles home and a storage unit but did not locate Jeanette's body.

At a bail hearing police detectives testified they believed that Lyle killed his wife and dumped her body.

Still, his bail was reduced from $2.5 Million to $150,000 and he released, assigned to house arrest. He moved in with his friend who was an armed security guard.

On April 8th, shortly after release, Lyle Montgomery shot and killed himself with his roommates gun. Jeanette's body was never found.

Her children live with their biological father in California.
Anyone with information is asked call Reno Police at 775-334-2155




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8 - MURDER: Jeanette Corpuz

8 - MURDER: Jeanette Corpuz

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