DiscoverLet's Play Podcast#8 Maul Cosplay (Ben & Maja Bergmann)
#8  Maul Cosplay (Ben & Maja Bergmann)

#8 Maul Cosplay (Ben & Maja Bergmann)

Update: 2020-05-08


Calling all Cosplay fans! Today's guests are two of the most popular and respected cosplayers in the world; husband and wife cosplay couple Ben and Maja Bergmann, aka Maul Cosplay. Best known as the legendary Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, Ben and Maja co-founded the company Defcon Unlimited, a studio dedicated to the creation of cosplay outfits, stunts, choreographies and walking acts. The Defcon team creates “pure visual magic such as a complete samurai outfit for Naoki Yoshida, Producer and Director of Final Fantasy XIV, as well as cosplay outfits for games like Overwatch, Dishonored , Metal Gear Solid, The Last of Us, Tomb Raider, God of War, Mass Effect and Mortal Kombat.” Kaili and the Bergmanns discuss the art of cosplay, their love and appreciation of their fans, the ups (and downs) of  being world renowned cosplayers, their mutual respect and admiration of each other as a couple and so much more!

Ben and Maja are currently working on Kratos from God Of War and also producing a huge Cyberpunk fan film. You can learn more about what they’re up to on their socials:

Instagram: @maul_cosplay

Facebook: Maul Cosplay

Check out our BONUS clip where the Bergmanns answer 10 fun rapid fire questions and visit

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#8  Maul Cosplay (Ben & Maja Bergmann)

#8 Maul Cosplay (Ben & Maja Bergmann)