DiscoverWir und ELANE#8 Special: The Big Cosmos (with Dan Swanö)
#8 Special: The Big Cosmos (with Dan Swanö)

#8 Special: The Big Cosmos (with Dan Swanö)

Update: 2020-12-13


Enjoy 2+ hours of creative deep talk with many surprising anecdotes by one of Europe’s most popular metal producers and musicians: Dan Swanö.

Markus & Nico from the German band ELANE welcome their first interview guest on their podcast “Wir und ELANE”.  20 years ago they visited Dan in Sweden, so it was about time to do another interview with him! Today, he explains the challenges for musicians in Corona times, talks about accidentally stealing melodies (and vice versa) and claims his point of view on streaming services being the new music industry. He remembers mixtape moments with his elder brother, which were his personal introduction into progressive music. Dan also deep-dives into his music projects, such as Nightingale, Edge of Sanity and Unicorn.

PLUS you will also get never heard news about the project once called Second Sky! Don't miss it!

Dan later asked to add one thing to the shownotes:
"Regarding the question of a new Diabolical Masquerade album I clearly had a mental lockdown since I completely forgot that Anders Nyström have been writing tunes for Bloodbath, including stuff from just a few years back, so that is NOT one of the reasons why it's unlikely that there's another album from that project. It is, however, highly unlikely that I would be involved in it since my focus these days  are mixing and mastering exclusively, and do exactly that for a Diabolical Masquerade album would of course be amazing!"

Including the podcast section ‘Remember the Song’: “Suddenly” (by Unicorn)

Here's a link to the mentioned “4 Chords” video by “The Axis Of Awesome” on YouTube


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0:00 - Hallo und willkommen (German introduction)

1:13 - Welcome to our podcast, Dan Swanö

4:53 - Chapter 1: Un-rockstar-ish

17:28 - Chapter 2: Fernsteuered from someone else

27:48 - Chapter 3: Fanboy Moments

31:17 - Die Apokalypse-Insel (Apocalypse Island)

39:21 - Chapter 4: Three Cans of Beer (Nightingale)

59:26 - Chapter 5: Very Fortunate Accidents (Edge of Sanity)

1:08:50 - Chapter 6: Mad Crazy Scientist (Unicorn)

1:16:24 - Remember the Song: Suddenly (by Unicorn)

1:31:30 - Chapter 7: Working Backwards (Second Sky)

1:44:46 - Chapter 8: The Big Cosmos (Streaming, Genuineness)

1:56:04 - Audience Question by Alina: Diabolical Masquerade

1:59:11 - Audience Question by Andrea: Living in Germany

2:07:46 - Chapter 9: The Heavy Metal Satan Podcast

2:09:42 - Gute Nacht! (German Extroduction)


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#8 Special: The Big Cosmos (with Dan Swanö)

#8 Special: The Big Cosmos (with Dan Swanö)

ELANE; Nico Steckelberg; Markus Skroch; Dan Swanö