DiscoverCollege Career Connect#8. Not Special, Just Limited Edition -Swarnalatha
#8. Not Special, Just Limited Edition -Swarnalatha

#8. Not Special, Just Limited Edition -Swarnalatha

Update: 2019-08-10


#8. Not Special, Just Limited Edition


Swarnalatha is the Founder & Managing Trustee of Swarga Foundation, whose mission is to improve the lives of individuals affected with Multiple Sclerosis.

She is a Tedx speaker, Social Activist, Singer, Counsellor, Story writer, Photographer, Beauty pageant winner and a mother of two.

This episode Swarnalatha talks on how she found her way overcoming the challenges life gave her and on what she does to help people who are in need.


Time stamps:


03:32 Swarnalatha's early days

10:55 What she learnt during the hard days?

13:53 Gratefulness

14:42 The other side of being grateful

15:27 Can't be 100% at everything

16:26 Swarnalatha's disastrous career journey

18:13 What makes her career interesting?

20:13 Swarga foundation

22:42 Building an organization from foundation

25:05 I should speak in English!!

27:20 Turning hospital to an university

29:02 Learning like a kid

30:54 Education to disabled children

33:19 Attitude of society towards disabled people

34:45 Facing the world that treats you differently

36:39 Change in mindset

38:32 Moving forward is important than walking

40:10 What makes swarnalatha gets up when she falls?

41:21 A multi-talented learner

42:47 Experiences participating beauty pageant contest

44:40 Swarnalatha in 20's

45:15 Not Special, Just Limited Edition


Learn more about Swarnalatha and Swarga foundation at


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#8. Not Special, Just Limited Edition -Swarnalatha

#8. Not Special, Just Limited Edition -Swarnalatha