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80 – The Summer of Mars

80 – The Summer of Mars

Update: 2020-07-02


The Summer of Mars is here! Three missions are launching to Mars in the next few weeks from three different space agencies. We’ve got the definitive preview of these missions, from UAE’s Mars Hope, to China’s Tianwen-1, and of course, NASA’s Perseverance Rover. Get caught up on all the facts before you watch the launch!

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Help Make Space Better

Here at Off-Nominal, we’ve been following the demonstrations against racial inequality and police violence in the United States, Canada, and around the world with concern. These events have highlighted deep problems with how we treat each other in many domains, and space exploration is not exempt.

While we have been processing this in real-time, it has become obvious that we must do our part and use our platform to speak up against these inequalities and take action to stop them. We have been engaging with our Discord community this past week to come up with a plan.

Many of these initiatives were developed not just by Jake and Anthony, but in partnership with the Patrons and listeners of our three podcasts. We’re proud that this is a community-led effort. We’re also really proud that some of our listeners and colleagues have joined in to make this an even stronger initiative.

Together, we’re putting on a fundraiser to support Black organizations whose missions we believe in.

All of the sponsors, including Jake and Anthony, will be matching contributions the community makes to both of these organizations through July 10. Jake and Anthony will match up to the total of this month’s revenue from Patreon (WeMartiansMECO), and other sponsors may have different max amounts.

Thank you for helping us work together to make space better.

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80 – The Summer of Mars

80 – The Summer of Mars

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