DiscoverGame of Thrones The Podcast801 - Winterfell - SpoiLore Edition
801 - Winterfell - SpoiLore Edition

801 - Winterfell - SpoiLore Edition

Update: 2019-04-19


Jim and A.Ron are here to delve into the deeper mysteries of Game of Thrones, discussing the lore, prophecies, and world building that make Thrones great. Some of this material could be construed as spoilery, as it involves informed speculation about events that could happen on the show based on material found in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.  We do not discuss production spoilers or leaks on this podcast. Today we talk dragons in the north, Valonqar prophecies, the weirdification of Bran Stark, Night King plots and much more!

 If you’re interested in finding out more about Gods of Thrones, a book I wrote about the religions and cultures of Westeros, you can find volume one and volume two on Amazon in eBook and dead-tree editions!

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Comments (5)

wayin love

Dany isn't Rhaegar's daughter, Facepalm

Apr 20th
Reply (1)

Daniel Yates

why would Rhaegar's annulment affect Dany's parentage? Dany is Rhaegar's brother, not daughter.

Apr 20th
Reply (1)

Tyler Skidmore

Rhaegar is Dany's brother not her father. His annulment would have no effect on Daenerys whatsoever

Apr 19th








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801 - Winterfell - SpoiLore Edition

801 - Winterfell - SpoiLore Edition

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