801 - Winterfell

801 - Winterfell

Update: 2019-04-16


Jim and A.Ron are here to break down all the action from this week’s premiere episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones, “Winterfell”. And indeed the ancestral home of House Stark houses the direwolf’s share of the action and intrigue, as characters are reunited, dragons are flown, and divisions within the forces of the Living threaten to undermine the war against the Dead. It’s clear that sharing power and cooperating is going to be a challenge, not only for Jon and Dany, but for the many different peoples who have thrown in their lot with them. We’ll be back Friday for our SpoiLORE edition that delves into the background details of the World of Ice and Fire as well as mines for hidden details that may yet remain in the source books!

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I had talked about this in season 6 but do you think Bran can can go back in time and change little things like give people dreams or even take over their bodies to control them to do things like bran the builder built so many things over a long time rang.i think it will end with night king will win and bran will be the only one still alive then it will cut away and it will show bran marking on a large tree and he moves and it shows a hundred Mark's on the tree and it starts over and he tries to beat the night king once again.

Apr 19th


I thought ep 1 got off to the right start. I hope that Jon finding out he is related to Daenerys utterly ends their relationship. I can't wait to see how this unfolds.

Apr 18th

Peter J

regarding the intro, you guys are forgetting that Cersei fired the bolt into the dragon skull under king's landing in season 7

Apr 17th








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801 - Winterfell

801 - Winterfell

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