DiscoverImportant, Not Important#81: Legalizing the Other Weed
#81: Legalizing the Other Weed

#81: Legalizing the Other Weed

Update: 2019-10-08


In Episode 81, Quinn & Brian discuss: Legalizing the weed of the sea.
Our guests are Bren Smith and Tom Ford, two fine, clean-living gentleman who are out on the water, every day, trying to change the way that we eat and use the ocean to our benefit — and, more importantly, to the ocean’s benefit (which seems obvious to us, but apparently is not).
Bren started the Thimble Island Ocean Farm, a farm dedicated to restorative ocean farming, and is the Executive Director and co-founder of GreenWave, a nonprofit supporting a new generation of ocean farmers feeding the planet and building a blue-green economy in the era of climate change. Tom Ford is Executive Director of The Bay Foundation, Director of the Santa Monica Bay National Estuary Program, and Co-Director of the Coastal Research Institute at Loyola Marymount University — all of which adds up to him being a super smart guy with a lot of ideas about how we can improve both the ocean and our lives, and as we’ll learn today, some of them are surprisingly cheap and easy!
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#81: Legalizing the Other Weed

#81: Legalizing the Other Weed

Important, Not Important