DiscoverSpecialty Coffee Association Podcast#81 | The Science of Coffee Freshness | Samo Smrke, Expo Lectures 2019
#81 | The Science of Coffee Freshness | Samo Smrke, Expo Lectures 2019

#81 | The Science of Coffee Freshness | Samo Smrke, Expo Lectures 2019

Update: 2019-12-02


Coffee freshness is one of the core values of specialty coffee. But why is preserving the freshness so important? We might strive to maximize coffee’s potential to keep its vibrancy as fresh as the day when roasted or we keep coffee fresh to ensure quality and consistency. Regardless of why we may want to keep coffee fresh, understanding the fundamentals of freshness and applying them in our daily routine will help to improve our cup of coffee.

In this lecture, Samo Smrke explores the topics of roasted coffee freshness as seen by a scientist’s perspective. Two particular fields will be looked into detail: chemical freshness or loss of coffee aroma during coffee aging, and physical freshness or degassing (also called outgassing) of coffee, a process of gradual gas release after coffee roasting. If you’re already familiar with Samo’s work, you’ll be excited to learn that today’s lecture includes his newest findings that haven’t yet been presented.

Samo Smrke is a scientific associate at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in the group of Professor Chahan Yeretzian. He is involved in research projects in collaboration with industry partners and in fundamental research on various topics of coffee chemistry, research of coffee aroma using mass spectrometry, on-line monitoring coffee roasting processes, linking instrumental analysis of coffee aroma to sensory analysis, studying coffee freshness and degassing of coffee. Samo is actively participating at coffee conferences, is one of the co-authors of the SCA Freshness Handbook and Water Handbook, and has contributed to scientific papers and book chapters about coffee science.

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Episode Table of Contents

3:15 The Main Causes for Coffee Losing Freshness

9:45 Scientific Approaches to Measuring Coffee’s Physical Freshness

31:45 Scientific approaches to measuring coffee’s chemical freshness

44:40 Linking physical and chemical freshness and the impact on the sensory experience

54:30 Audience questions

1:02:30 Outro


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#81 | The Science of Coffee Freshness | Samo Smrke, Expo Lectures 2019

#81 | The Science of Coffee Freshness | Samo Smrke, Expo Lectures 2019

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