DiscoverMurd Up Podcast#82 The One With All The Claimed Kills
#82 The One With All The Claimed Kills

#82 The One With All The Claimed Kills

Update: 2019-12-16


For any true crime buff, Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole are two names that are immediately recognized, though sometimes, it’s hard to remember exactly why. Ottis and Henry claim together they killed more than 1,000 people, including during their time in a involved in a cult, “The Hands of Death”.

Beyond that, Ottis is most notably known for more than likely but odds are likely, the killer of young Adam Walsh in 1982, that helped incite the stranger danger panic of the 80s and 90s and launched a show that the majority of Americans tuned in to watch, America’s Most Wanted.

Henry is noted as being one of the most prolific serial killers known to us, however, he claims he’s not a serial killer. Henry confessed to so many murders that eventually the authorities started pinning an unsolved they wanted solved, on Henry and Ottis, which the former would confess to and the latter would deny involvement of.

However, it was later determined that Henry had access to case files which allowed him to make statements that collaborated the evidence the authorities had, allowing false confessions.

We will never know exactly how many people these two killed, though some are confirmed, and Adam Walsh’s case was closed with Ottis as the offender, though he was not officially convicted of the murder.

Henry and Ottis committed many terrible crimes and terrified the nation with their actions. As boys, both were subject to abusive home situations, including sexual abuse from family members and neighbors and both were forced to dress in women’s clothing. Henry was beaten violently by his mother, often, and Ottis was a drinker from an early age, and had an obsession with fire and animal torture. Both boys were raised in hateful environments without the tools to grow properly and we are still feeling the ramifications of this today.








#82 The One With All The Claimed Kills

#82 The One With All The Claimed Kills

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