DiscoverBalanced Black Girl85 | Getting Financially Fit with Ornella Yovo
85 | Getting Financially Fit with Ornella Yovo

85 | Getting Financially Fit with Ornella Yovo

Update: 2021-03-16


Does thinking about your finances cause you stress and anxiety? 

Has the pandemic impacted our finances?

Getting financially fit not only helps you plan and save for your future but it also allows you to start living and building generational wealth.

Today’s guest is Ornella Yovo. Ornella is passionate about helping people achieve their goals, relieve anxiety around money, and make #MoneyMoves happen. As an avid advocate for women and minorities, she has spent years providing financial education and guidance to those in need. She wants people to know that you can still live the life YOU want while working towards financial stability.

Having worked for a large wealth management organization, Ornella has learned the tools to build and maintain long-term wealth, while also keeping in mind the human and emotional aspects associated with money. She understands that people need guidance and just aren’t always sure who or where to go. She hopes to empower people to embrace the conversation about their finances and offer a comfortable environment to do so!

What does financial wellness look like for you in 2021?

In this episode, we talk about…

  • An introduction to investing, and the best platforms for getting started.
  • Building an emergency fund.
  • The best financial apps to use.
  • How to start building generational wealth on a tight budget.
  • Affording rest.


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85 | Getting Financially Fit with Ornella Yovo

85 | Getting Financially Fit with Ornella Yovo

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