DiscoverSo Money with Farnoosh Torabi888: Ruth Soukup, Author of Do It Scared
888: Ruth Soukup, Author of Do It Scared

888: Ruth Soukup, Author of Do It Scared

Update: 2019-05-20


"The firemen broke down my door and my heart stopped in the ambulance. They took me to the hospital. They revived me and put me on life support and then called my family and said, “You need to come. She’s not going to wake up. Even if she does, she’s going to be permanently brain damaged for the rest of her life.”
Have you ever felt there's something more out there for you? Do you ever feel life is passing you by, or that you have regrets for a chance, or an opportunity that you just didn't take?  

We're having one of the most candid and intimate conversations I've ever had with a guest on this show. Her name is Ruth Soukup. She is the author of Do It Scared: Finding the Courage to Face Your Fears, Overcome Adversity and Create a Life You Love.

As you just read, she really experienced life at rock bottom, having almost died from multiple suicide attempts and an incredibly difficult entry into adulthood.

Now on the other side of things, Ruth runs a wonderfully successful business. She is a mother, wife and woman living her dreams. How she got here is a journey, to say the least. She has captured many of her deeply personal stories, as well as advice that she has extracted from her huge community of women.

She is the founder of the Living Well Planner and Elite Blog Academy. She also blogs at Living Well, Spending Less. Ruth is one of my favorite people, and we talk about a lot of hard stuff on this show. We talk about the principles of courage, how to use your fears to fuel your motivation, your mobilization and why fear is totally normal.

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888: Ruth Soukup, Author of Do It Scared

888: Ruth Soukup, Author of Do It Scared

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