DiscoverWarriors Unmasked89. Divine Transformation Is Available To Everyone! With Rob Lohman
89. Divine Transformation Is Available To Everyone! With Rob Lohman

89. Divine Transformation Is Available To Everyone! With Rob Lohman

Update: 2022-12-06


Anyone can transform their life. Yes, including the most messed up addict you can think of. 

Welcome to episode 89 of Warriors Unmasked! Today Chuck sits down with suicide survivor, recovering addict, professional coach and speaker, bestselling author, radio and podcast host, and mental health advocate Mr. Rob Loman.

Rob has a powerful testimony that only a supernatural intervention could start to explain. In this episode, Rob share his journey of drinking from the age of 14, being a full-blown addict at 21, to now being sober for 21+ years. How does something like this happen? Hit play to find out. 

As many addiction stories go, unfortunately, substance abuse isn’t the only problem that the addict deals with when they are reaching for a drink or grabbing for a needle. More often than not, they are struggling with darker underlying issues like suicidal thoughts and actions, depression, and more.

After finding himself at rock bottom, he attempted suicide one evening in an effort to make the pain all go away. Thankfully, the attempt was interrupted by his loving dog and Rob made the decision to live and find healing. 

Rob would agree that DOG spelled backward being GOD is no coincidence in his story. During our conversation, Rob will share why he believes that God is the answer to our problems and why He is the real reason why he was able to turn his life around. 

Fast forward to today, and Rob is helping people worldwide find hope, identity, and purpose. There is so much waiting for you in this episode, we hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did! To reach out to us here at Warriors Unmasked or any of our guests, check out the lists below! 



We know this time of year can be hard for many. If you ever need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

More Of What’s Inside:

  • How addiction can start at a young age 
  • New age medication and why more questions need to be asked
  • Steps Rob started to take to get clean
  • A look into Rob’s business “Lifted From The Rut.”
  • How some people are addicts just because of the friends they keep
  • Rob’s experience with marriage and divorce
  • There is someone who can take away the pain
  • Free recourses for sobriety and turning your life around 
  • How Rob got into Podcasting and media
  • And much more!





Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 1:37 Thank you to today’s sponsors
  • 4:16 Get to know Rob Lohman
  • 8:47 How bad habits start to develop
  • 17:00 The true importance of finding purpose
  • 19:37 The three things in life that matter
  • 24:35 When Rob hit rock bottom
  • 32:00 How God transformed Rob's life
  • 37:28 All things in your story will work out
  • 44:11   How to find who you really are
  • 52:38 The #1 thing Rob wants you to hear

Guest Bio: 

Sober since 2001 after a suicide attempt, Rob helps peoplefind FREEDOM from substance abuse and feeling "stuck in a rut" to living a transformed life. He does this by sharing his testimony, Interventions, Coaching, Speaking, and being the host of both Beyond The Bars Radio and Addiction,Freedom & Faith Podcasts.

Rob has been through the wringer, AND continues to press on! A true overcomer. His life transitions include alcohol and drug addiction, gambling addiction, divorce, bankruptcies, mental health, suicide ideation, prison, recovery entrepreneurship, and life transformation.

Rob’s drinking career started at age 14 which lead to some very dark places in his life. The climax of Rob’s drinking career happened on June 7, 2001, with a suicide attempt interrupted by the compassion of his dog Jake. Upon a divine intervention, Rob was freed from his substance abuse addiction which began a rollercoaster ride in recovery…to which Rob has yet to take another drink or drug since that day.

Rob invests in the lives of those wanting to see positive change, whether it is coming out of addiction, life transition, or just wanting more for their lives. He is a dynamic speaker who shares an extremely powerful journey of persistence, faith, and inspiration. Rob is also the Bestselling Author of The Addiction Intervention Book.


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89. Divine Transformation Is Available To Everyone! With Rob Lohman

89. Divine Transformation Is Available To Everyone! With Rob Lohman