DiscoverUnmapped#9 - She Just F***ing Moved to India
#9 - She Just F***ing Moved to India

#9 - She Just F***ing Moved to India

Update: 2018-02-21


Tina was your average 20-something, with a good job and living with her parents in the Bronx. Two weeks later she's living alone in India with no plans and no return ticket. Oh, and she didn’t even speak the language. In this episode, Angelina tells Tina’s story and dives into the world of solo travel and what motivates people to pick up their lives and move to somewhere they’ve never been. There’s a wedding, a possible kidnapping, and a ton of travel motivation. Stay til the end for a listener story about gangsters in Nicaragua. For anyone thinking of living the nomad lifestyle, listen up!

Special thanks to Tina Lancione for sharing her story with us. Tina’s a travel writer and you can follow her vagabond adventures and awesome acroyoga on her website ( and on social media on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Our listener story was submitted by Bonnie Truax from Thanks, Bonnie!

Suggested reading: Angelina’s article on “7 Tips for a Successful Solo Adventure"

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#9 - She Just F***ing Moved to India

#9 - She Just F***ing Moved to India