DiscoverIntentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders9. Finding the Missing Voice - with Mariah Humphries
9. Finding the Missing Voice - with Mariah Humphries

9. Finding the Missing Voice - with Mariah Humphries

Update: 2020-10-12


Mariah Humphries is a bi-racial Mvskoke Native American and lives in Waco with her husband and three children. Mariah has a Masters of Theological Studies and is the Assistant Director of Campaign and Development Communications at Baylor University.  She considers herself an educator around Native American topics and racial reconciliation within Christianity as a Ministry Educator with Be the Bridge. You can find Mariah on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook under @MariahHumphries.

Intentional Optimism - a refresher 

  • Optimistic - hopeful, positive, proactive
  • Present - having a sense of wonder, generous, kind/open
  • Courageous - lead, adventure, resilient
  • Energetic - industrious, energetic and life-focused
  • Wise - understanding, words, respect
  • Intentional - sense of purpose, plan, grow

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • Understanding and discovering your “WHY” [8:47 ]
  • How to gain knowledge on Racial Reconciliation [15:00 ]
  • Bringing the conversations into the Ministry space [17:15 ]
  • Becoming a Leader [21:00 ]

Now what? Step up as a leader!

  • Discover your “WHY.” [8:47 ]
    • Mariah’s Why is educating from The Native American and Christian voice. 
    • What is yours?
  • Learn - where to start? [15:00 ]
    • Be The Bridge
    • Understanding Racial Literacy
    • Having awareness of those around you
  • Serve, based on your unique skills. [17:15 ]
    • Mariah is now educating church leaders because of her unique background and passion 
    • What are yours?
  • See yourself as a leader.  [21:00 ]
    • Stepping up even when it’s difficult
    • Gain knowledge / wisdom 
    • Be willing to share your experiences.
  • Surround yourself with support
    • Your inner circle
    • Who is encouraging, challenging and supporting you publicly?

Resources mentioned in this episode:
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Be the Bridge: Pursuing God's Heart for Racial Reconciliation - Latasha Morrison

Be The Bridge

Where to find Mariah:
Linked In:
Instagram: @mariahhumphries
Twitter:  @MariahHumphries

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9. Finding the Missing Voice - with Mariah Humphries

9. Finding the Missing Voice - with Mariah Humphries

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