DiscoverHow To Trade It: Talking to the worlds most successful traders.90% Win Rate by Trading Credit Spreads with Tony Pawlak, Ep #106
90% Win Rate by Trading Credit Spreads with Tony Pawlak, Ep #106

90% Win Rate by Trading Credit Spreads with Tony Pawlak, Ep #106

Update: 2022-03-31


Tony Pawlak’s story will either move you to tears or make you question your life’s purpose. He quit his job to trade full-time and failed miserably. I mean, he was losing money hand over fist, until the day he discovered a credit spread video by Real Life Trading. He now makes 8-10% on his entire account EVERY WEEK, by trading less than an hour a day!!! He typically day-trades options, specifically credit spreads with incredible protection techniques to minimize his losses. In this episode of How To Trade It, Casey talks with Tony about his 90% win rate…and that’s BEFORE hedging. You don’t want to miss it!

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You’ll want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • [01:05 ] What drove Tony to Options trading
  • [10:43 ] Digging out of a deep, deep hole
  • [13:56 ] Viewing Trading as a skill
  • [14:47 ] The Credit Spread Strategy
  • [18:05 ] Learning how much time Tony spends trading 
  • [20:10 ] The goal of Credit Spreads
  • [22:35 ] A drawback to trading Credit Spreads
  • [24:06 ] Hedges of protection
  • [25:15 ] Understanding the S-Curve
  • [27:43 ] Timeline to mastery

In the beginning
Tony was basically tired of working 60-80 hours a week, so he quit his job and decided to trade full-time, with no plan B.  Unfortunately, he had a bit too much confidence in himself, his knowledge wasn’t up to par, his account size was too small, and he was just plain dumb when it came to the markets.  He was chasing the dream and made huge mistakes that cost him a ton of money.  He was losing it faster than he was making it.  He took out loan after loan.  He lost everything he had, then lost everything that he didn’t have too.  It was a complete nightmare from the beginning. But…HE NEVER QUIT.

Trading is a Skill
You don’t have to be special; you don’t have to be a genius…you just have to learn the skill.  Tony had assumed that since he had been successful in his life outside of trading that it would just automatically carry over into his trading.  No so!  It wasn’t until he lost everything that he finally decided it was time to do something differently.  He stopped trading and devoted time, resources, and energy into studying and perfecting a solid trading strategy. And once he acquired the skill, absolutely everything in his life changed.  

The problem with Credit Spreads
The market is very fair.  If you are going to have great success, the risk will be high.  There is always a downside.  Unfortunately, if you take one loss, it erases quite a bit of your wins.  You will ultimately be risking more than you can ever even make.  That’s naturally how the markets work.  That’s the trade off of a 90% win rate. Thankfully, Tony is able to minimize his risk even further by hedging.   

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90% Win Rate by Trading Credit Spreads with Tony Pawlak, Ep #106

90% Win Rate by Trading Credit Spreads with Tony Pawlak, Ep #106

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