DiscoverLay of The Land#91: Heather Lenz (Sangfroid Strategy)
#91: Heather Lenz (Sangfroid Strategy)

#91: Heather Lenz (Sangfroid Strategy)

Update: 2022-10-20


Lay of The Land's conversation today is with Heather Lenz, Founder & CEO of Sangfroid Strategy. 

Heather has spent the past 16 years working in the social impact space - with nonprofits, governments, and foundations who are all trying to make improvements for the good of humanity, the environment, and society. About a decade into her work in the social impact space, she realized that in order for this social impact sector to be effective, there needed to be a dramatic shift in the way that most of these organizations and institutions thought about and used data. 

This realization is at the center of Sangfroid Strategy (pronounced sahng-fwa), the company Heather founded in 2016 to help organizations tackle some of the most complex and difficult issues of our time - from combatting systemic racism, to changing antiquated systems that create barriers for people in poverty.

Heather is on a mission to shift this landscape from one that makes people feel good - to one that is effective for the people who need it and has done so by working with many Cleveland organizations like The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to The City of Lakewood, to name a few.

I loved hearing Heather’s story, learning about how data is currently used in the nonprofit sector, and where societally we have a massive opportunity right now to leverage advances in technology — automation, data science, open source software systems, and more — for social good.

Please enjoy my conversation with Heather Lenz.

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#91: Heather Lenz (Sangfroid Strategy)

#91: Heather Lenz (Sangfroid Strategy)

Jeffrey Stern