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9/11 Janice Brooks: Inside the South Tower

9/11 Janice Brooks: Inside the South Tower

Update: 2021-09-10


Saturday September 11, 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on the US, which resulted in almost 3000 deaths and injured 25,000 people.
At around 8 o'clock on the morning of the attacks, a group of al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial airplanes before flying them - packed with passengers - towards targets in New York and Washington D.C.
In the hours that followed, one of the deadliest attacks in US history played out live on TV screens around the world.
From London’s East End, Janice Brooks, had just moved to New York. Then aged 41, she'd started a new job with the finance firm Eurobrokers. Her new office was located on floor 84 of 2 World Trade Centre (The South Tower).
Shortly after Janice got to her desk on 9/11, the terrible chain of events that continue to mark her life, began to unfold. In this special extended episode of StoryCast 21 and using Sky News archive from the attack as it was being reported live, Janice tells the story of her escape from the upper floors of 2 World Trade Centre.

In 2021, Sky News is marking some of the century’s biggest news events through the personal stories of lives defined by unforgettable moments from the last 21-years.
9-11 Janice Brooks: Inside the South Tower is episode 13 of the 21-part series StoryCast ‘21


9-11 Janice Brooks: The South Tower was produced by Rob Mulhern.
Story originator and digital - Tom Gillespie
Special thanks to Janice Brooks and Since 9-11- an education programme directed at UK students.
Presented by Jayne Secker
Sound Design, Rob Mulhern
TV treatment, Victoria Hudson-Grant
Archive, Simon Windsor
Head of Radio, Sky News, Dave Terris
Design and graphics, Brian Gillingham
Social media, Chris Scott
Press and Marketing, Alexandra Horton
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9/11 Janice Brooks: Inside the South Tower

9/11 Janice Brooks: Inside the South Tower

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