DiscoverIt's a Material World | Materials Science Podcast96: Day in the Life of an MSE in Industry
96:  Day in the Life of an MSE in Industry

96: Day in the Life of an MSE in Industry

Update: 2023-02-27


It’s been really fun getting the chance to interact with MSEs from around the world, so we just wanted to thank you all for listening to this podcast and joining us as we uncover the unique ways materials science makes an impact all around us. In our fifth edition of Q&A, we will answer questions like:


🔹️What continues to be exciting in both of your jobs? What do you most look forward to during the average work day?

🔹️How much of what you learned while obtaining your MSE degree do you apply on a daily basis at work? How much of your job uses skills you gained outside of school?

🔹What have you observed about MSE’s in more senior roles? Does higher seniority come with more science-focused work or less? 

🔹 And much more! 


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Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed by either guests or hosts in this show are their own, and do not represent the opinions of the companies or organizations for which they are affiliated.

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96:  Day in the Life of an MSE in Industry

96: Day in the Life of an MSE in Industry

Punith Upadhya and David Yeh