DiscoverHope for Spouses#97: How Much “Truth” of a Spouse’s Betrayal Do You Need to Know?
#97: How Much “Truth” of a Spouse’s Betrayal Do You Need to Know?

#97: How Much “Truth” of a Spouse’s Betrayal Do You Need to Know?

Update: 2020-10-14


You are obsessed with knowing everything about your unfaithful spouse’s infidelity or sexual addiction. But how much is really healthy and beneficial for you or for your marriage?


In this episode of the Hope for Spouses’ Lunchtime Live, Kim Pullen addresses the debate over just how much “truth” we really need to know regarding our spouse’s sexual betrayal. She’ll share the biblical definition of “truth”, how that definition fits into the context of a betrayed marriage, and offer biblical guidance on how a broken and betrayed partner can make spiritually wise and emotionally healthy choices about exactly what would help her move toward healing.



In the Old Testament (Hebrew):

  • The word for truth is émeth and it is synonymous with faithfulness and reliability, sureness, in the right way (Gen 24:28 ).
  • In the Psalms, it is repeatedly translated as “Your truth” or “His Truth” – referring to God’s ownership of it (Psalm 115:1, 108:4, 91:4, 86:11 , 71:22 , 138:2)
  • ·And in Proverbs like 8:7, truth is connected with the personification of called “Wisdom”.


In the New Testament (Greek) “the” truth takes on an identity of its own that is synonymous with Jesus, the gospel, and holiness:

  • NOUN - alḗtheia – properly, truth (true to fact), reality. (John 8:32 )
  • NOUN - epignósis – precise, correct, and “true” knowledge; the knowledge of things ethical and divine, especially the knowledge of God’s holy will and of the blessings which he has bestowed and constantly bestows on men through Christ. (Romans 1:28 , Ephesians 4:13 , Colossians 3:10 , 1 Tim 2:4, 25, 3:7, Titus 1:1, Heb 10:26 , 2 Peter 2:20 )
  • VERB - hagiázō - "to make holy, consecrate, sanctify; to dedicate, separate from things profane"; to consecrate. (Hebrews 10:2:11 , 10:29 )
  • ADJECTIVE - alēthḗs ("what can't be hidden") stresses undeniable reality when something is fully tested, i.e. it will ultimately be shown to be fact (authentic). (John 6:55 , Philippians 4:8)
  • VERB - alētheúō (literally, "to truth") includes Spirit-led confrontation where it is vital to tell the truth so others can live in God's reality rather than personal illusion. (Gal 4:16 , Eph 4:15 )
  • ADVERB - alēthṓstruly; in accord with fact, i.e. demonstrably valid and therefore genuine (reflecting true reality). (Matthew 27:54 , Luke 12:44 )


Additional Scriptures shared in the lesson:

  • John 8:31-32
  • John 14:8
  • John 18:37-38
  • 1 Cor 12:23-24
  • 1 Cor 6:12
  • Ecclesiastes 7:16-18
  • Matthew 10:16
  • Jeremiah 16:17
  • Philippians 1:9-11, 4:8


Three questions:

1. Do I want to know so I can feel in control? (Romans 8:5-8)

2. Will this knowledge move me toward healing and eventual reconciliation or toward more trauma and dysfunction? (Is it best? Phil 1:9-11)

3. Will it help me to become more like Jesus in righteousness and holiness? (2 Cor 3:18 )



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#97: How Much “Truth” of a Spouse’s Betrayal Do You Need to Know?

#97: How Much “Truth” of a Spouse’s Betrayal Do You Need to Know?