DiscoverAwaken With JP Sears Show97 Owning Your Warrior Spirit with Preston Smiles
97 Owning Your Warrior Spirit with Preston Smiles

97 Owning Your Warrior Spirit with Preston Smiles

Update: 2020-08-261


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Hey awakened weirdos, this week I am excited to bring you a returning guest. My good friend Preston Smiles. He's a coach, speaker, and author of his book Love Louder. He's a radically deep connected human poetry machine. 


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Comments (2)

Carolina Torres

I agree with your stance on freedom of speech and CV-19 stance however your stance on race needs work sorry to say. there are issues with in the black community that needs to be resolved within them selves, white people are not the real problem nor are the cops. it's not even a black issue, it's a toxic culture issue that is spread in the poor urban community where there is hypersexualized, hyperviolent, lack of spirituality, high fatherless families, government dependency which leads to low morale situations. enless you lived in such communities then your views on this matter need to broaden, the blm organization ignore real issues such as black on black crimes, morale (such as the music as you mentioned) and education. police brutality is a problem but minor to what I mentioned above. black conservatives are actually helping more by empowering the black community, to not fall into victimhood, not martyr/defending lifelong criminals and be a victor. I live in such neighborhoods and its upsetting to hear someone with no experience of these matters voice such ignorant views and spread to more ignorant ppl. I know ya mean well but to treat minorities as victims is not empowering at all! police go where the highest crimes are and let me tell you, the minute police decided not to attend the calls due to media back lash, crimes skyrockets in NYC. also majority of the crimes are committed by the black population, I'm not being racist, its the unfortunate truth and many do not comply when needed so it makes matters worst. so enless we shine a light at that, then police will continue to have more interactions with black people and increasing more animosity between the two. just sharing my truth. I appreciate your compassion on the situation but please keep an open mind. thanks!

Sep 3rd

Cameron MacDonald

Get a real microphone. I'm sure the podcast is great but the sound quality is so bad I can't listen to it.

Aug 27th








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97 Owning Your Warrior Spirit with Preston Smiles

97 Owning Your Warrior Spirit with Preston Smiles