DiscoverYoung and Profiting#98: Design Your Dream Career With Ashley Stahl
#98: Design Your Dream Career With Ashley Stahl

#98: Design Your Dream Career With Ashley Stahl

Update: 2021-01-185


Looking to find your true passion and perfect career fit?


In this week’s episode, we are talking with Ashley Stahl, counter terrorism expert turned career coach, podcaster, author, and entrepreneur. She has amassed a large online following through her podcast, You Turn Podcast, and has had her Tedx talks go viral. Her new book, You Turn, comes out on January 26.


In this episode, we talk about Ashley’s childhood career goals, her work in the counter terrorism sector, and how she got to her life today as a speaker and entrepreneur. We’ll then dig deeper on her advice to people who are unsure with their career, the best ways to identify job misalignment, and how to set your mentality for major life changes.


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00:33 - What Ashley Wanted to Be When She Was a Kid

02:42 - Ashley’s Day-to-Day in Counter Terrorism

09:31 - Advice to People Who Are Unsure

17:33 - Opposition to the Common 5-Year Plan

19:28 - Example of Job Misalignment

22:59 - Transitioning Side Hustles to Full Time

28:22 - Setting Your Mentality For Major Changes

37:44 - Ashley’s Failures and How She Rebounded

45:45 - The Process of Writing a Book

50:29 - Ashley’s New Book and the Key Takeaways

51:30 - Ashley’s Secret to Profiting in Life


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#98: Design Your Dream Career With Ashley Stahl

#98: Design Your Dream Career With Ashley Stahl

Hala Taha