DiscoverVRP Rocks - Classic Rock Interviews98. Dee Snider - Twisted Sister
98. Dee Snider - Twisted Sister

98. Dee Snider - Twisted Sister

Update: 2023-09-04


Dee Snider needs no introduction. With huge success in the 80s, his career seemed unstoppable. Dee takes us through his career, recounting some incredible and hair-raising moments from his time in Twisted Sister From being the target of bottle-throwing crowds to the intense energy of iconic festivals like Reading and Donnington, he has seen it all. Through his candid storytelling, you'll learn how he turned challenging situations into unforgettable performances that left audiences in awe. You'll hear stories about metal legend Lemmy, how he felt ostracised from his bandmates right from the moment he joined, how he wrote the groups biggest album in just 45 minutes and much more.

Plus he details how, as the music scene started to change, so did his fortunes. He found himself at a crossroads, facing financial struggles unlike any he had experienced before. It was a humbling experience for the rock star, as he realized that his ego had prevented him from accepting that his career was over. Broke and with a family to support, Snider hit rock bottom. He found himself working a desk job and even lying about his identity. It was a wake-up call, forcing him to reassess his life and priorities. Snider credits his wife for not putting up with his rock star behaviour and for pushing him to start over. This experience taught him to be appreciative and respectful, a lesson that would shape his future endeavours.

But Snider's talents extend far beyond music. Not only does he possess the gift of songwriting, demonstrated by the iconic hits of Twisted Sister, but he is also an accomplished writer. He shares stories of his writing process as his novels, screenplays, musicals, and songs all draw inspiration from his vast repertoire of ideas.

In addition to his captivating interview, the episode also delves into Snider's latest venture, his book "Frats." Based on true events, this intense and dark novel draws inspiration from high school fraternities with a twist.

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98. Dee Snider - Twisted Sister

98. Dee Snider - Twisted Sister

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