DiscoverSteadman.fm9th March 2020, 10:59am
9th March 2020, 10:59am

9th March 2020, 10:59am

Update: 2020-03-09


I’ve been in love with this idea of them drop the casting as I call it for awhile I don’t like it when people say as I call it goes off and when people like say what I call this that the other bed like using a term that already exist and but I don’t know if I’ve used and we found anyone else is on the way drop casting but I really like it I am and under the idea being that I’m just using that an audio memo Apple Music just press record I will do the reasons being apart from it in simple it’s got a transcription thing how accurate it is I don’t know but I am with a simple button push and a shortcut i can publish and to a little audio diary feed and am I really like that and at this moment I’ve got a shout a cat because I’ve got a i’m back in the office and I am come in my home office now and that means occasionally I get her to buy cat but this is the whole thing of the dildo diary it’s like an edited this is just life and stuff I’m so yeah a bit like her and iOS shortcut but I can go straight from there just press record up to my podcast app via back at the whole a whole system I am and I really like it because at this I’m Ima Ima verbose Jack I enjoy talking am and sometimes there are thoughts that you want express and I’m looks but anyway I am the aunt you know you can’t do it 140 characters and you don’t mr going to get a thread going and then sometimes untidy thoughts are and you can get at the meat of something sometimes without sort try home and everything down and you know what I like to where I’m going to hundred and something so were yeah this is this calibre test and to see yet how how it all works a lot more work to directional build the website I’ve got for I’ve got the domain I am with you because it was available was like I have to go have to have this i’ve got Steadman.I owe which is like my main domain for everything but this was gonna be Steadman.FM and it was an expensive purchase kiss FM tomato expensive but bike that’s just something great about having Steadman.FM so I am yeah that’s why this will go and now I am excited to wear and tear to see it working in action at it it’s Connor just for myself and I will going to try and keep the shore and I don’t have frequent but I do list and they and i sometimes want to veer into diary things where is there because I enjoy this process I am but it’s there it’s something I’ve got a go in the chat and catch you because ridiculous Roscoe cannot abide a closed door so every time ago that he sees a closed door especially if I’m in it if I’m behind it then it’s like yet have a scratch on it I am and it’s really irritating track because it sent an annoying noise anyway yes I am sure that that’s that’s about it out with kept it under three minutes think we’ve done a good job I am to say the next one goes talk to you soon

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9th March 2020, 10:59am

9th March 2020, 10:59am

Mark Steadman