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9th March 2020, 11:37am

9th March 2020, 11:37am

Update: 2020-03-09


Hey if you’re here in this in your podcast player and you’re wondering why am that’s because this feed and is cold feed that I redirected to list and they are used to have a show where I was just a talking to microphone for a bit I and when I created list and they I said you know what let’s take all those listeners and move them over here to do list and me and Tilly if you want to continue listening to list and but then you need to go and set up a subscription I’ll be free but you you need to go to podcast app and find a podcast and I’m search for a list and they need to be at work for that and the last episode is a record this was I think bond villains so that’s one to look for and if you’re seeing are they saw another episode I am in in in that field then you’re on the old feet again so that’s all very confusing I want going to the tentacle details of why but I thought I should bring this up because I completely forgot that was a thing and because I am using the old address for the sweet and yeah and that is that it’s overly technical note no reason to go into it if you were a list and the subscriber and I am which is only gonna be I think a small handful and you’re getting this on you you should be getting this done by then I am if you wanna stay subscribe to this then by all means this is like an order diary that I’m gonna record informally and just chat about stuff I wanted if you don’t want that then please feel free to unsubscribe and if it’s mistakenly called list and it is just waiting to go quick but going to your attendance of Japanese go into your ear up to find new podcast and search for this Debbie and you should find a date that you should find the right the right picasso at that I think that I am sorry to have caused any confusion if I have otherwise I’m give you carry on there now I can you just have a lovely day and night speak to you soon bye-bye

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9th March 2020, 11:37am

9th March 2020, 11:37am

Mark Steadman