DiscoverMy Perfect FailureA Brighter Day with Elliot Kallen
A Brighter Day with Elliot Kallen

A Brighter Day with Elliot Kallen

Update: 2022-12-31


MPF Discussion with Elliot Kallen

A Brighter Day with Elliot Kallen

Elliot  Kallen is a leader who brings over 30 years of passion and robust entrepreneurial business ownership experience to his elite Financial Planning & Advising practice. He has built international organizations, been a CEO of two other companies before forming Prosperity Financial Group, Inc. and is a frequent keynote speaker to charities, podcasts and radio shows on motivation, leadership, charitable work, marketing and various financial subjects.

Elliot is also President of A Brighter Day Charity, the 501c(3) he began following the suicide of his youngest son, Jake, in 2015. This charity unites stress and depression resources with teens and their parents with the goal of stopping teen suicide. The resources of A Brighter Day have touched thousands of families and is having a major impact on the lives of our teens.

On this episode of My Perfect Failure (A Brighter Day) We meet Elliot Kallen who co-founded A Brighter Day in 2016 with his wife Tammy after the loss of their son Jake, to support young adults in their transition to adulthood and to help prevent teen suicide. Elliot discusses the loss of his son Jake and why he is committed to preventing teen suicide and supporting both teenagers and parents.  Some of the areas we cover.

  ·       Elliot discusses losing his son Jake to suicide

·       Every year, tens of thousands of teenagers struggle with thoughts of suicide

·       Co-founding charity “A Brighter Day” in memory of Jake

·       Steps we can take to spot signs our children may be vulnerable to suicide

·       Measures parents can take to prevent teen suicide


Contact Elliot

 A Brighter Day website


 Contact Elliot by email


 Call Elliot

·       1 510-206-1103


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A Brighter Day with Elliot Kallen

A Brighter Day with Elliot Kallen

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