DiscoverThe DailyA Capitol Officer Recounts Jan. 6: An Update
A Capitol Officer Recounts Jan. 6: An Update

A Capitol Officer Recounts Jan. 6: An Update

Update: 2021-12-287


This week, The Daily is revisiting some of our favorite episodes of the year and checking in on what has happened in the time since they first ran.

When Officer Harry Dunn reported for work at the Capitol on the morning of Jan. 6, he expected a day of relatively normal protests.

At noon, the mood shifted. He received calls over his radio that the demonstrations were becoming violent. When he took up position on the west side of the Capitol, he said he realized just how dangerous the situation had become.

Inside the building, after the walls were breached, Officer Dunn found a chaotic scene — one in which officers were overwhelmed and the waves of rioters seemed endless. He also encountered racism from the pro-Trump mob, as did many of his Black co-workers.

We hear from Officer Dunn about what happened that day from his perspective.

Guest: Officer Harry Dunn, a Capitol Police officer who was on duty during the storming of the Capitol.

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Background reading:

  • “Black officers fought a different battle” on Jan. 6, Officer Harry Dunn said. Here is what he saw and heard when rioters, including white supremacists, stormed the Capitol.

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Thank you, Officer Dunn, for sharing you're experiences on Jan 6th. Thank you for your service. You are absolutely right to be angry and outraged at the aftermath.

Dec 30th
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Recently, I heard a university historian say that at the moment, we are 50% of the way towards civil war. For all those that are shocked by J6, you'all need to get up to speed, this isn't over, they're not done. They are still planning and preparing for all out War on American soil.

Dec 30th








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A Capitol Officer Recounts Jan. 6: An Update

A Capitol Officer Recounts Jan. 6: An Update

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