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A Change Of Mindset With VOID OF VISION

A Change Of Mindset With VOID OF VISION

Update: 2021-10-21


Void of Vision have gone through somewhat of a metamorphosis with their latest EP Chronicles 1: Lust, which is due out on October 22.
Before you start throwing your hands in the air and demanding reasons as to why, that metamorphosis is a good thing. A positive thing.
And does not affect the sonic impact of the music whatsoever!
It is more a changing of mindset from frontman Jack Bergin.
Gone are the negative thoughts and lyrics, replaced instead by a new found zest for life and attempt to connect on a different musical plane – albeit one as ferocious and typically Void Of Vision as always.
Jack sat down with HEAVY for a chat earlier this week to discuss the EP and his clearer mindset going into it.
"This is a culmination of all a whole lot of frustration that's been coming out for the past year and a half and it just felt good to finally get these things off our chest, not necessarily the same negative field of view that we've had in past releases but more so a brand new outlook on life and how we can use that negativity to fuel not only our creative passion, but also our passion on seeing the world as a better place and wanting to move in more of a direction for everyone to be in a happier and healthier state of mind."
In the full interview Jack talks about the circumstances that have led to this point in his musical journey, why now is the right time to address these things, writing from an opposing viewpoint and if that affected the process at all, the subject matter of the songs and why they are important, future plans and more.








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A Change Of Mindset With VOID OF VISION

A Change Of Mindset With VOID OF VISION

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