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A Change of Track | Birthday Bonus

A Change of Track | Birthday Bonus

Update: 2020-12-04


"How would you feel if you had a seizure again? Could you emotionally and mentally handle it? Would it feel like everything was falling apart? Would epilepsy have control?”

WARNING: This episode contains a graphic descriptions and creative depiction of what it feels like to Jade when she has a seizure.

For 2 years, this podcast has been sharing stories from adventurous people with epilepsy. And making this podcast has taken my life in a direction I never thought about. I have learned to make a number of different types of episode on this show. This series, we’ve had a lot more chats with new adventurers - and these chats are so much fun to have. But, my favourite episodes to make, have to be the storytelling episodes. They are very labour intensive, they can take months to write, record and edit together, pick the right music and making sure the narration fits into the rhythm of that music.

So, we haven’t had a storytelling episode in Season 2. But, I’m very happy to be able to bring you this bonus by Jade Nelson.

Jade approached me with this story at the end of 2019… so for one reason and another, it has taken a year to pull it together. But this story is meaningful now as it was when it was written. And at a time when many are confined by circumstance to adventures closer to home, there are some great lessons for us to hear as well.

Disclaimer: All stories are personal experience. We take no responsibility for individual decisions made with regards to adventure sports or medical conditions.


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-Guitar Drone by Toilet Roll Tube | Attribution non-commercial license.

-Groovy Guitar – LOOP by joshuaempyre | License: Attribution

-Dandelion.mp3 by TexasMusicForge | Attribution non-commercial license.

-Train sound recorded by Fran.

-Additional sounds from


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A Change of Track | Birthday Bonus

A Change of Track | Birthday Bonus

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