DiscoverSkiWithWadeA Chat with Brandon Bucher at Cindonway Lake in Syracuse, Indiana
A Chat with Brandon Bucher at Cindonway Lake in Syracuse, Indiana

A Chat with Brandon Bucher at Cindonway Lake in Syracuse, Indiana

Update: 2022-07-12


Most everyone knows about Don Corleone from the classic Godfather movies, but do you know about the Godfather of the “Midwest Mafia?” His turf is Indiana and the coin of the realm is water ski titles. On this episode of the Ski with Wade Podcast we meet national slalom champion Brandon Bucher, whose father (the Godfather!) built the lake and started the legacy that today includes three generations of devoted water skiers. Cindonway Lake is arguably where the Midwest’s rise in the world of competitive water skiing all began. Host Wade Cox shares the history and some favorite memories with Brandon, whose own kids are carrying on the legacy today. You’ll enjoy learning how the family blends their working Indiana corn and soybean farm with hours out on private ski lakes and at tournaments. Add a dollop of old-fashioned family fun and you’ve got the perfect recipe for Wade, who shares thoughts about his stint coaching and hanging with Brandon and the Buchers out on beautiful Cindonway Lake. 

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·       The Bucher family is hosting Wade at Cindonway Lake in Indiana – a sentimental favorite among water skiers and all-around great place to have some summer fun! 

·       Built in the mid-70s, Cindonway Lake is located in northwest Indiana on the Bucher family farm. 

·       Water Ski History Alert: Wade and Brandon run through some classic images from well-loved ski venues on public waters that date back to the 1960s. 

·       About Brandon: A national slalom champion in 2004, his first tournament was at the age of five and his first nationals just a few years later. Barely into his teens, he was already skiing at 36. 

·       Brandon and Wade reminisce over their common bond through Jack Travers’ iconic energy and stoked competition. 

·       About MVPs from Brandon’s class of collegiate and pro skiers as well as the HO equipment (including the Wade Cox CDX ski) that was a “big part of” his life. 

·       Remembering when Brandon and a couple other nextgen skiers borrowed Wade’s truck to jet up to Trophy Lakes for the weekend in a bid for world ranking scores. 

·       Around 2005, Bruce was coaching and running clinics without a clear go-forward plan – until he crossed paths with Michelle, a fellow skier and now his wife. Course change! 

·       The guys are reviewing the long list of “Midwest Mafia” stars who have made a name for the heartland in terms of championship water skiing. 

·       Brandon shares a bit about his family farm, which cultivates mostly corn and soybeans, and some micro-seasonal specialties like blueberries and blackberries. 

·       It’s all about the kids! Wade and Brandon introduce the younger set and muse about the ways in which the Bucher kids blossomed as the result of encouragement and coaching. 

·       Wade shares some fine tuning tips and tricks to add speed while at the same time slowing everything down on the water. 

·       See you in Kansas! Bucher offspring will be competing and bringing all the tools they’ve been cultivating – in part thanks to Wade’s coaching! 

·       Future Forward: Brandon’s not ruling out another lake on the farm – a definite dream and potential site for regional competition!

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A Chat with Brandon Bucher at Cindonway Lake in Syracuse, Indiana

A Chat with Brandon Bucher at Cindonway Lake in Syracuse, Indiana