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A Cleansing With SPACEGOAT

A Cleansing With SPACEGOAT

Update: 2021-10-07


It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was reviewing the debut EP from Bendigo, Victoria’s heavy
rockers Spacegoat when they dropped ‘33’ in the Autumn of 2019. In retrospect it wasn’t that long ago
but as we know the entire planet has changed so much and unfortunately it isn't all good. For a band
that is located in Central Victoria gigs were/ are already few and far between and this has been the case
long before “lockdowns” and “mandates” were the new normal. With only one venue now booking
original bands in Bendigo, the almighty Golden Vine Hotel is now the soul place for original live music
where gigs have become more of a relief and of course a celebration of music for a City that is home to
100,632 people!!
On a positive note, Spacegoat are about to drop their second EP entitled ‘Catharsis’ and I was fortunate
enough to chat to lead singer Erin Eddy about the vulnerability, self-doubts and the straight up truths
about what it took to create this bar raising release. At Heavy Mag every now and then an interview
with someone becomes an absolute hive of down to earth conversation about the real stuff that us
humans endure and enjoy on this our Mother Earth.
If you like it honest, if you like it heartfelt and if you are not a Spacegoat fan already then, I suggest you
sort that out pronto as they’re about to drop a downright quality listen!
So sit back, (don’t) relax but please......enjoy!








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A Cleansing With SPACEGOAT

A Cleansing With SPACEGOAT

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