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A Conversation With a Police Union Leader

A Conversation With a Police Union Leader

Update: 2020-06-2942


In the weeks since George Floyd was killed by the Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, Americans have been confronting hard questions about bias and racism within law enforcement — and what the role of the police should be.

In the process, many have asked whether the culture of policing can be changed or if the system needs to be reimagined entirely. Today, we talk to an officer at the center of that debate inside one of the country’s largest police unions.

Guest: Vince Champion, the southeast regional director of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers. For more information on today’s episode, visit 

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Corey Goodall

The "everyone calls 911 for any issue & we can't send someone besides cops" is bullshit. If a robbery is in progress, 911 doesn't route that to fire or ambulance. They seem to be able to figure out who the appropriate party is depending on the situation. Why wouldn't they be able to route to social worker or a psych call? 1 good, well-trained employee is far more valuable and effective than 5 shitty employees. Don't hire more cops, train the best ones more effectively and get rid of the bullies with badges.

Jul 3rd
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Wendy Bruder

Well those guys were a huge predictable disappointment.

Jun 30th

Alex Mercedes

bravo!! courageous coverage of a timely, difficult topic. the guy representing police is a textbook example of the obstinacy within Police World to deny reality. the union rep doesn't really get it either but he shows slightly more potential to learn. So... I commend the host's patience and sensitivity; and also thank him for stepping up as a white person.

Jun 30th
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cookie monster

I wonder if we as a society funded preventative health care, mental health, drug treatment, family counseling, and had more financial equality, we would have less emergency situations requiring a police response.

Jun 30th

Tyler Foss

Michael was trying as hard as he could to make it a race issue and was frankly made to sound like a bias idiot.

Jun 30th
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Vlad S

Smart and wise union rep. Amazing how the interviewer wants to twist things

Jun 30th
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Jonathan Petherbridge

in Australia we have a psychologist and a cop who make up a "psyc unit". You can't send a psychologist to someone who is having an episode, who they have no relationship with, without cop. a psychologist is paid a lot more than a cop. Our top tax rate is 48%.

Jun 30th
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Anna Tramposch

talk about cognitive dissonance.....

Jun 29th








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A Conversation With a Police Union Leader

A Conversation With a Police Union Leader