A Couple of Beers

A Couple of Beers

Update: 2019-09-071


Just a couple of beers, that's how it starts. Just a couple of footy players enjoying a couple of beers, all part of a winning diet.

Simply The Best. Tina Turner’s Rugby League anthem sounds as good now as it did then, arguably even better. But better can be better still, a universal fact which the NRL understands better than anybody. So how do you make Simply The Best Simply The Even Better? Two words. Dave. Grohl.

Pizza and Coke. Tastes like Saturday night. But is it the diet of a champion? It might have been once upon a time, but Jeff Horn might need to consult a cookbook. 

Has Roger Federer earned a wing at the Australian War Memorial? Just asking… He’s proof that the Anzac Spirit can flow freely through foreigners. Just saying… 

Do you know what violence loving American sickos need? Rugby League. The greatest game on earth deserves a little love from the US of A, and Jorge Taufua gave them a tantalising entree with his colossal hit on Cameron Munster. How a little Australian atmosphere might make all the difference. 

Speaking of America… Hey Netflix, we’ve got an idea… The Book of Feuds… a miniseries. Starring Russell Crowe, complete with a case of Moet which may or may not have been nicked from those dirty Roosters. Also starring Sean Garlick, a renaissance man if there ever was one. Stage, screen, footy field, kitchen; Garlo’s got it all.

Have the Bombers finally put the supplements saga behind them? Kevin Sheedy thinks so, and who are we to argue with Sheeds. 

Pilgrim and Patriot Martin got in touch via RoyAndHG@sportsradio.com.au with a detailed proposed curriculum for mandatory sports education in schools. After a nutritious lunch of pie and chips, we’ll be enthralled with 5th period’s Gallipoli and its Significance for Australian Sports Leadership Groups. That’s some Anzac Spirit right there.

All of that and so much more on Just Short of a Length with Roy and HG!









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A Couple of Beers

A Couple of Beers

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