A Dream Redesigned

A Dream Redesigned

Update: 2021-04-29


So what are you going to do?  This is what I am getting asked all the time seeing as how Covid had locked us down and I can't head out on my cross-Canada tour on May 10th as planned.
There are many options: cancel the tour, postponed till next year, do part this year and the rest next year. 
All except cancelling the tour are under discussion with me, myself and I.  My camper is in build mode and will be completed so that when I am able to leave I can. Where I go and what I do may undergo many changes but be sure that going and doing are definitely in the works.
In order to spread my message of living life fully and doing what you can for as long as you can, I can do no less. I am excited to see what my adventure will actually be.
It was my hope that I'd have some sponsors. It was my hope that I'd have many speaking engagements lined up to share my message to inspire and encourage. as well as  signing many of my books. Such is not the case as too  much uncertainty prevails. Perhaps that will happen post tour as opposed to during the tour. All good either way.
No matter. I will prevail and live the life I am meant to live. Will you?









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A Dream Redesigned

A Dream Redesigned

Merri Macartney