DiscoverLife's Deceit with Jen SimpsonA Few Bad Apples: Why Trusting Is Hard
A Few Bad Apples: Why Trusting Is Hard

A Few Bad Apples: Why Trusting Is Hard

Update: 2023-12-02


 In this heartfelt episode, Jen delves into the intricate journey of healing trust and the profound pain associated with rebuilding it. With candid honesty, she explores the timeless reality that trusting is no simple feat, acknowledging the challenges that come with the process. Jen shares the poignant truth that choosing to trust again requires openness and extending second chances to those around us.

Key Takeaways:

Trusting is a complex and challenging process, but it is essential for building meaningful relationships.
Healing from betrayal and rebuilding trust takes time, patience, and vulnerability.
It is important to learn to forgive oneself and others in order to move forward.
Actionable Tips:

Be patient with yourself and others as you work through healing trust.
Communicate openly and honestly with those you are trying to trust.
Set healthy boundaries to protect yourself from further hurt.


[Book] "The Trust Revolution: How to Create More Trust in Business, Relationships, and Society" by Stephen M.R. Covey

[Article]  How to Rebuild Trust After Betrayal" by Psychology Today
[Website] The Gottman Institute

Call to Action:
What is one step you can take today to start healing trust in your life? 

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A Few Bad Apples: Why Trusting Is Hard

A Few Bad Apples: Why Trusting Is Hard

Jen Simpson