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A Force Of Nature With TELURIAN

A Force Of Nature With TELURIAN

Update: 2023-04-01


Words by Kris Peters
While the perils of COVID shone a murky light on many in the music industry there are some bands who possibly benefitted from the experience in various ways.
When the onset of the pandemic halted the gathering momentum newly formed of Newcastle heavy outfit Telurian the band elected to use the extra time to strengthen their musical resolve and tighten their existing material with a view to coming out even stronger when things returned to normaility.
Thankfully the young band survived where others sadly met their demise and used their time creatively, fine tuning an already promising landscape and harnessing those songs into what would become the two track EP Of Earth.
Following the success of their debut single Arachnid, Telurian earlier this year dropped the title track, in the process giving a glimpse into the exciting musical future that awaits the Novacastrians.
Vocalist Brenton, drummer Lochie and bass player Eric sat down with HEAVY to delve deeper into their brace of songs and flesh out the narrative some more, starting with the cracking new track Of Earth.
"It started with the initial iteration of the band, which actually was a little less technical," Lochie began. "When Liam (guitar) got his 8 string and I jumped on the drums and Brenton jumped on the vocals we decided to rewrite the song, particularly after the intro we just wanted to change the whole thing. We jammed it out... we just wanted a, long, seven minute pic. Me and Liam just jammed it out and it came out as it is now basically."
In the full interview the boys discuss both singles in greater depth, what they were going for musically, releasing a lengthy track as a single in the modern age of music, why they chose these two songs to introduce their music to the world, forming through COVID, drawing influences as a young band and knowing your boundaries, new music and more.








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A Force Of Nature With TELURIAN

A Force Of Nature With TELURIAN

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