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A Heartfelt Vision for Wellness Sanctuaries

A Heartfelt Vision for Wellness Sanctuaries

Update: 2020-10-09


Vision for Wellness Sanctuaries

In this interview  Sebastian Hilbert shares his story of moving to Australia from a small rural town in East Germany, with a population of  200 people.
He discusses how he and his partner, Theresa Armytage, created Wellnesspreneur after realising there was a gap in the market in how effectively wellness businesses were creating and using their online presence.  Seven years on,  Sebastian and his partner have become leading authorities on wellness business growth training.

When the world took a collective breath during the Covid-19 lockdown, Sebastian started to question whether he was following his true passion. He spent a few days alone in nature feeling into what he'd love to create if there were no limits and Wellness Sanctuaries was what emerged.

Still in early development, Sebastian shares his dream of creating Wellness Sanctuaries around the world that integrate farming, community, sustainable building and off-grid living. He is working with Gymea Eco Retreat to create a model for a space that provides more than a temporary escape. Sebastian is determined to create an experience that is truly transformative for the individual and their community.

Sebastian shares about the following in the interview:

  • how he discovered his passion for wellness and how it has developed over the years
  • his tips in helping health professionals to engage with their customers and grow their businesses
  • how his moments of crisis and change have been the biggest catalysts for positive growth and transformation
  • his vision for Wellness Sanctuaries and the importance of collaboration.


Sebastian is the Co-Founder of Wellnesspreneur, speaker and author of ‘Wellness Influence'
After finishing with honours and as dux of one of the most prestigious hotel schools worldwide, Sebastian learned from alternative and holistic health professionals that ‘the big three’ diseases: diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, which had such a profound effect on his friends and family, can , in many cases, be prevented.

This inspired Sebastian to micro-niche and co-found ‘Wellnesspreneur’ with the vision to move the world to ‘Sustainable Wellness’, helping health and wellness professionals to triple their revenue in 6 to 12 months.

After a 7-year entrepreneurial journey, Sebastian wants to build a more conscious, harmonious and abundant world, by building foundations and the capacity to grow for businesses in wellness, health and sustainability.





Gymea Eco Retreat & Spa

Sebastians Book: (You find the video there too)


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A Heartfelt Vision for Wellness Sanctuaries

A Heartfelt Vision for Wellness Sanctuaries

Hosted by Jeremy Melder