DiscoverThe DailyA Hidden Shame in Nursing Homes
A Hidden Shame in Nursing Homes

A Hidden Shame in Nursing Homes

Update: 2021-09-144


For decades, the law has sought to restrain nursing homes from trying to control the behavior of dementia patients with antipsychotic drugs, which are known to have adverse health effects. 

An alarming rise in schizophrenia diagnoses suggests some homes have found a way to skirt the rules.

We hear the story of David Blakeney, a dementia sufferer whose health declined rapidly after he was placed in a South Carolina nursing home.

Guest: Katie Thomas, a reporter covering the business of health care for The New York Times. 

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an interested party

most of these nursing homes are for profit and even if they're not for profit they have stakeholders. money is more important than patient care and they keep those facilities staffed skeletal. It's not that the people there don't care about the residents they love them but they don't have enough help and when you don't have enough help then people mistreat the residents as you've talked about because one person or two people can't take care of 40 60 80 residents

Sep 15th
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A Hidden Shame in Nursing Homes

A Hidden Shame in Nursing Homes

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