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A Kansas school cancels Christmas

A Kansas school cancels Christmas

Update: 2020-11-17


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A Kansas school cancels Christmas

A Kansas school has canceled its participation in Operation Christmas Child after an atheist group wrote to the school district alleging that the program “violates basic constitutional principles.” The annual project is sponsored by the Christian nonprofit Samaritan’s Purse, through which shoeboxes filled with gifts are sent to children in more than 160 nations. Liberty Middle School must “cease participation in Operation Christmas Child or taking any other actions promoting Christianity like including religious references over morning announcements,” the atheist legal group, Freedom From Religion Foundation, wrote to Tony Helfrich, the superintendent of Pratt School District, claiming “many egregious Constitutional violations [are] occurring” at the school.

The Rev. Dr. Pittelko called to glory

The Rev. Dr. Roger Dean Pittelko, who served as president of the LCMS English District from 1986 to 1997, died on Nov. 11. He was 88. In addition, he was a professor and supervisor of the D.Min. Program at Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne, fourth vice-president of the LCMS (1998–2001) and chairman of the LCMS Commission on Worship (1983–1990 and 1992–1998). He also served as chairman of the Agenda Committee during the production of Lutheran Service Book. Pittelko sat on a variety of District and Synod committees and boards, authored numerous articles, and was a frequent presenter on topics related to liturgy and worship. Pittelko is survived by his wife, Beverly; his son, The Rev. Dr. Dean (Kay) Pittelko; daughter Susan (Howard) Gorecki; and grandchildren Hillary Pittelko and Jon, Jessica and Sarah Gorecki. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no public service is planned at this time.

Biden administration to roll back abortion protections

Americans can expect to be forced to send hundreds of millions of tax dollars to pro-abortion groups if Joe Biden is confirmed to be the winner of the white house. Biden, a pro-abortion Democrat, promised to reverse President Donald Trump’s progress for life when he takes office, including ending the Mexico City Policy and restoring Title X funds to Planned Parenthood. These two executive orders alone defunded Planned Parenthood and the British-based abortion chain Marie Stopes International of more than $200 million U.S. tax dollars. Among other priorities, Christianity Daily reports Biden also is expected to repeal a Trump executive order that granted relief to charities like the Little Sisters of the Poor. Biden would once again force them to follow the Affordable Care Act contraception mandate, which includes drugs that may cause abortions.

Supreme Court Justice sounds a warning

Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito gave a strong and impassioned speech to the Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention on Thursday, where he condemned efforts by the left to take away religious freedom — in particular efforts to force Christians like the Little Sisters of the Poor to fund abortions. Addressing the theme of religious liberty, Alito criticized the Obama administration for what he called a “protracted campaign” and “unrelenting attack” on the Little Sisters of the Poor, a group of Catholic nuns that Democrats have repeatedly tried to force to fund abortions.









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A Kansas school cancels Christmas

A Kansas school cancels Christmas